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Indulge in the radiant splendor of our natural oranges, kissed by the warmth of orange sunshine and brimming with revitalizing vitamin C. These oranges, carefully cultivated without harsh chemicals, offer a delightful balance of sweetness and a slightly tart edge. Their exceptional juiciness invites you to savor them raw, straight from nature's bounty. It is with these remarkable oranges that we handcraft our extraordinary fruit wheels, each one capturing the vibrant essence of oranges, perfect for enhancing cocktails and adding a burst of flavor to various recipes. With their generous size, a mere scratch of the skin unveils the invigorating aroma of freshness. Don't delay—place your order now and have these freshly harvested oranges shipped directly to your door, bringing the sunshine, tang, and abundant vitamin C to your fingertips!

All Natural Valencia Oranges

1 Pound
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