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Experience the pure essence of our natural lemons, untouched by harsh chemicals and brimming with unrivaled freshness. Our lemons are so irresistibly juicy that you can enjoy them raw. It is with these exceptional lemons that we create our extraordinary fruit wheels. Delight in the exquisite lemon flavor that elevates cocktails, lemonade, and a myriad of recipes. These fruit wheels boast a remarkable size and robustness, exuding a captivating freshness that emanates with a simple scratch of the skin. Don't hesitate—secure your order now and have these freshly harvested lemons shipped directly to your doorstep for an unparalleled citrus experience!

All Natural Eureka Lemons

  • 3 lbs= 8 - 10 lemons

    5 lbs = 12  - 15 lemons

    10 lbs = 20 - 25 lemons

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